Great Work Desk For Glass Work And Jewelry Making

Lowes currently offers what has turned out to be the perfect work bench/tool drawers for jewelry making and glass work. It is a Kobalt, black finish, metal, three drawer Workbench with a pegboard back, bright light, and lower shelf. There is additional storage above the light, and a surge protected outlet strip on the side. Five S-hooks below the outlets are great for holding your Dremel and other tools or projects.

The price is surprisingly good at $189.00. I really like the pegboard back and light, which I had not considered important when I first saw the workbench. Having all of my tools within easy reach is convenient, and motivational! The light is a good, white light which is very important for working with PMC and beads. The workbench comes with the five S-hooks on the side, but you do have to purchase your own pegboard accessories, which are not expensive. It is easy to store crates of glass on the bottom shelf, but don’t be surprised that the weight causes the metal to curve a bit. Wooden crates protect the glass, so it does not matter. I think an “X” brace added under this shelf would improve it.

The drawers slide fairly smoothly, and hold a lot. I have PMC supplies in one, Spectrum glass in another, and papers, boxes, rulers, and random supplies in the large one. The top partition is great for storing extra supplies for the pegboard, and finished work.

Another plus is the work surface. Although it is essentially pressboard, it is a good surface for working with glass. It is softer than solid wood, so easier on your cutting tools, and smooth. Glass shards are easy to brush off, and easy to see. All around, I really like it, and think it is worth sharing, especially for the price.

February 28th, 2011 | Categorized: Blog

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