How To Store Your PMC Silver Syringe

The PMC Silver Syringe is an incredible product. The syringe enables you to make fine lines, interesting textures, and intricately laced designs. You can literally draw with silver.

In my article How To Use The PMC Silver Syringe, I mention the most popular method for short term storage of the silver syringe. Keeping a little custard cup or cordial glass with a bit of distilled water in it is very handy at the workbench, but what about long term storage? Here is a simple little trick to keep your open PMC Silver Syringe ready to use for at least a couple of months.

Small florists’ vials for fresh corsages and nosegays come with close fitting tops cut with an “x”. Fill the vial with distilled water until the water line is about a centimeter or so from the top. Simply slide your syringe into the vial until the cap is anchored snugly around the syringe itself, above the tip.

The airtight seal provided by the florists’ vial will keep the water from evaporating. No more constant refilling of the custard cup, or ruined, dried out syringe silver to throw in the slip jar!

This method is cheap, simple, and effective.

February 28th, 2011 | Categorized: How To Metal Clay

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